Business Improvement

We offer a complete range of Business Improvement and support services that can help your company, irrespective of your sector.

Business Reviews

Whether there is a specific aspect of your business presenting a difficulty or a wider issue, we can help. We can undertake an independent assessment of aspects of your business and recommend measures to improve profitability and efficiency.

Whether it’s a review of company structure or extensive analysis of your marketing or specific services we can deliver a custom designed improvement package.

Business Growth and Development

With a track record in maximising trading levels we can explore your trends and look at ways of helping you achieve increased levels of business.

Even in flat or declining markets, innovative new ideas can reverse these trends and increase market share.

Customer Service Bench-marking

We can independently benchmark the quality and standard of your customer service against both direct rivals and comparable operations elsewhere.

We will highlight inefficiencies or customer service concerns and identify suggested improvement mechanisms.  We may even find that you have “best in class” practices that are worth developing and ingraining in your company culture.

Project development

With experience including multiple new route start-ups in the roro passenger ferry industry and the creation of a radio business, we can support business expansions or help with a complete launch of a business or business unit.

This service can be particularly useful where you have a small management team that can see new opportunities, but you can’t take focus away from your core business.

Targeting International Markets

For clients working outside countries with English as a first language, if you wish to target the International market we can provide support for your marketing, providing proofing by native English speakers and cultural advice.

With extensive experience in this sector, we can road-test your website and even your services to help you maximise trade with customers from outside your native region whilst avoiding cultural language difficulties!